This is the first post I write in a while… I had started writing a personal blog around 3 years ago. I wrote a couple of articles at the end of 2016 in order to showcase some data analysis, visualization and code work I’d done, then left it aside for quite a while as I was starting to work full-time on Moona and things were getting very busy. A lot of things have happened since then and I want to put some stories and thoughts into writing for whoever might find it interesting or helpful.

Making a blog

I was considering putting my content up on Medium or another blogging platform, but I found it a bit too boring, as they try very hard to make articles a commodity and leave little space for content creators to be creative in my opinion. I wanted my blog to be customized to my needs, and extendable with a showcase of projects or pieces of code I’m tinkering with.

I really loved the concept of GitHub Pages, which is a free way to get an open-source static website or blog up and running quickly, and fully customizable. At that time, I built it using the ruby-powered Jekyll framework, which allowed for quick setup using themes for templating and simple markdown for text formatting.

I’m now putting up a new blog using the same concept. This time around, I will mainly talk about start-up stories, product development, hardware and software engineering, sleep research and technology, and other random thoughts if time allows. I’m using the go-powered Hugo blogging framework because why not. And I will add a comments section using Utterances, an open-source comments widget built on GitHub Issues.

You can reach out to me on Twitter or LinkedIn.